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RigelMap: High-precision Surveying Integration Solution

The GeoNord company developed a SaaS system with the cloud operation function, named RigelMap, able to meet 95% measurement needs of customers.

RigelMap can automatically construct points, lines and polygons according to the user's current situation, and attach attributes and photos. Users in the office who use the cloud platform can receive the data from field workers and modify the data's shape, attributes and others online. After a single field collection, an accurate map report can be exported.

Rigelmap can work as a database. All georeferenced axes, figures, and images can be imported into the drawing library. The Android GIS handheld device can obtain all drawings from the system and use it in all types of measurement and digitization work.

When surveyors encounter problems, they only need to log in to the RigelMap account on the web and refer the problems online. The professional technical personnel can immediately obtain information in the office and solve the problems online through the platform, which can greatly save time and manpower.

One of the key points to finish the municipal projects is whether the collectors are experienced in surveying and mapping. However, in a pilot city in Norway, the operation personnel did not have much experience. In this case, the operation personnel used the combination of flat panel and Hi-Target Qbox8 to collect the location information and assign the attributes, while the professional personnel corrected the attributes of the objects online in the office and completed the description of most of the municipal management maps, which greatly improved efficiency.


  • Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
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