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[WEBINAR RECORDING] Hi-Survey in Civil Engineering Ⅱ

Hi-Light Hi-Target Webinar - May 26

Topics covered in this webinar:

1. Operation - how to store Rinex data (Static and PPK) - Download static files from the receiver by Hi-Survey or internal memory;

2. Detail Survey Gallery - how to measure the volume/DTM;

3. Operation-how to stake out by Hi-Survey (change the direction type/AR stakeout/Offset stakeout/ elevation difference);

4. CAD - export, import, edit, choose points;

5. Troubleshooting - how to check the product status (receiver info., service info., constellation, module diagnosis, Hi-Survey logfile debug, etc.).

Presenter: Enno Wang

Senior Technical Engineer of Hi-Target International


  • Guangdong Province, China
  • Hi-Target