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New Arrival: iRTK4 GNSS RTK System

A Simple but not Simplistic GNSS System

iRTK4 is a full-featured, intelligent GNSS receiver system equipped with an integrated new-generation full-frequency antenna and advanced multi-channel engine, allowing users to attain accurate, reliable solutions. Users can also take advantage of calibration-free Tilt-Surveying without leveling the survey pole to collect point data in more places. In addition, the Smart Base function in iRTK4 automatically pairs the Rover with the Base by using Hi-Target global servers and ensuring communication by providing the best connection. The iRTK4 system can maximize your productivity in unprecedentedly challenging environments with these powerful features and Hi-Survey Road Field Software.


Immediately start with calibration-free tilt compensation technology, assist you quickly and accurately survey or stake out points without leveling the pole, error less than 3cm within 45° inclination, boost working efficiency by 20%.

Smart Base

Greatly optimize working mode setting, pairing your Base and Rover automatically by Hi-Target global service, extending your work range and saving your time.

New generation advanced RTK engine

Flexible satellites signal management helps you get more accurate solution and provides 20 percent improved performance in challenging GNSS environments.


Charge your battery to up to 50 percent in just 50 minutes with an 45W adapter, thanks to fast charge capability, you can recharge in less time.

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