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(Case Study) New Pocket-Sized vRTK is the Perfect Combination of GNSS, Advanced IMU, and Dual Cameras

vRTK, the first GNSS receiver with dual cameras.

1.Visual Positioning Technology is a Major Breakthrough in GNSS Receiver Development

The GNSS Receiver has evolved over the years. Through continuous product improvements, a highly integrated RTK receiver with inertial navigation and multi-constellation is nothing new. While RTK receiver is constantly being improved in terms of better results, mapping users still face many bottleneck scenarios where traditional ways are not easy to complete.

As it stands, a typical GNSS receiver needs to search for satellite signals in an open environment to achieve high accuracy measurements. The position of the point can only be measured if the GNSS RTK receiver has access to the open sky and the rod tip actually touches the point. Otherwise, a number of different auxiliary methods need to be performed to measure the exact position. Measuring targets with a lot of details, targets in hazardous areas, and targets with too much ambient occlusion are all big challenges that traditional GNSS receivers have not yet solved. Breaking through the limitations of measurement scenarios is a key research priority for the development of innovative GNSS receiver technology.

1.1 New Technology Application

In an era where computer technology is so advanced and sensing technologies such as AR and UAV have gained widespread attention in society, especially, in the surveying and mapping industry, staying in the high-tech technology industry, Hi-Target continues to focus on emerging technologies that can empower high-precision measurement instruments. The GNSS Receiver with visual positioning technology was born. vRTK adopts the technology of UAV oblique photogrammetry and can achieve a full range of image processing, but compared with the UAV image measurement, visual RTK surveying can be operated at ground level with more ground details that can not be measured by the UAV. It is free from height restrictions but maintains accuracy and more details, realizing fine management.

1.2 New Product Arrives

What will blow your mind is the vRTK with cutting-edge technology. Such a Hi-Target pocket-sized vRTK Receiver is a ground-breaking product that has been prepared carefully over many years. Accordingly, it is a high-precision measuring solution that realizes long distance non-direct contact and guarantees the safety of personnel and data accuracy.

2. Making Surveying Easier and Easier

2.1 Keeping the Sword Sharp Comes from Sharpening It

Hi-Target, as the industry leader, has long been aware of the drawbacks of user experience. In 2016, Hi-Target began the research of visual RTK and launched the first visual GNSS receiver combination type products, including receiver + professional-grade camera + tablet for 3D image processing. Although this product can offer better results, the complex combination form is not widely accepted. With the successful launch of the V200 RTK Receiver, we have miniaturized the RTK Receiver and added new image positioning technology. We also upgrade the hardware to create a multi-functional product designed from the customer's perspective. There is no doubt that it is time to open up a whole new world of non-contact measurement.

2.2 The Enriched Performance of vRTK

Multi-Protocol Built-In Radio

vRTK has all the premium features of the V200 with the extra value of visual positioning technology. Moreover, it includes a new motherboard and an upgraded IMU model. Like any other GNSS sensor from Hi-Target, vRTK can use RTK corrections from all GNSS correction services. With the addition of cameras, the vRTK receiver still retains a pocket size. It only weighs 970g including a built-in 6900mAh battery. With continuously operating for 15 hours in rover mode, it satisfies the user's needs for full-day work. The built-in Hi-Target multi-protocol UHF modem is capable of transmitting and receiving multiple brands of RTK radio power conditioning with a typical operating range of 7km.

Strong Signal and High-Quality Data

A new generation of GNSS engine supports the new frequency points B1C, B2a, and B2b RTK decoding of the Beidou-3 satellite. The introduction of multi-frequency anti-jamming technology and multi-step adaptive filtering technology features strong signal, high-quality data, fast fix, and high accuracy.

Advanced IMU Module

The vRTK adopts an upgraded 9-axis IMU module which has auto installation for the tilt survey. Users just easily pick it up and arrive at the target point to carry out the tilt survey. Ideally, the error is less than 2.5cm within a 60° inclination. It improves the efficiency of the work a lot. The users no longer have to undertake tedious preparation steps before the tilt survey.

3.vRTK: Innovative Integration of Vision and Surveying

vRTK is suitable for non-contact measurements in a variety of hazardous and complex environments. High-quality sensors ensure the stability of the receiver's accuracy in working status.


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