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Compact and ready for immediate use for dewatering tasks

Hiller GmbH
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The Hiller DecaSmart

On a mobile platform the compact DecaSmart from Hiller is immediately ready for use for all dewatering tasks.

As a ready-to-connect compact unit the decanter DP45N with the corresponding periphery is completely installed and pre-assembled on a steel platform. Thus the decanter unit can be easily integrated into any existing system with plug & play. So simply connect it up and start dewatering. A wide range of solid-liquid separation tasks can be carried out with the DecaSmart, which is also used as an industrial wastewater treatment plant for industry.

In terms of process technology, HILLER offers a separation solution that is as powerful and economical as ever, with a high dry substance content in the result, and all this with low power consumption.

The most important advantages of the decanter plant are, among other things, the fast availability at the customer's site, the simple plug and play integration into the ongoing operation and the excellent price/performance ratio for the complete plant.

Hiller DecaSmart DP45n
Hiller DecaSmart DP45n

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