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State-of-the-art separation technology

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at sewage treatment plant Spremberg

The Spremberg Water and Wastewater Association cleans about 1,200,000 m³ of waste water annually by means of its 5 sewage treatment plants. The focus here is on the safe supply of drinking water to the population and industry as well as environmentally friendly wastewater disposal.

In order to ensure comprehensive and sustainable water protection, the association uses state-of-the-art separation technology for wastewater treatment. Since the end of 2018, a DP45-422 decanter of the Hiller brand has been responsible for sludge dewatering.

With the new decanter, it is possible to dewater up to 450 kg/TS per hour. The conversion was carried out under the condition that the existing stock be left as far as possible. Existing concrete foundations and the supports for the discharge system could thus be reused.

Sludge dewatering now energy-efficient and economical

The Spremberg sewage treatment plant is highly satisfied with the new decanter. Due to the high dewatering capacity, the environment is protected, but at the same time disposal costs are saved. The high TS content of more than 28%, for example, considerably reduces transport costs, but the new technology has also significantly reduced the need for auxiliary materials such as polymer.

In addition, the use of new types of energy-saving weir discs, which recuperate the kinetic energy of the centrate, and the use of electric motors of the highest energy efficiency class also save electricity costs.

Association data:

Own clarifying capacity: 57,930 P.E.

External cleaning: 35,000 m³/a

AW quantity: 1,199,000 m³/a

Sewage treatment plants: 5

Small sewage treatment plants: 5

Pumping stations: 66

Total connected inhabitants 34,804

- of which central waste management: 25,755

- of which decentralised waste management: 9,049

Degree of connection: 74.00 %.

Length of sewer network: 223 km

Spremberg - DP45
Spremberg - DP45

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