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Sewage Treatment at Saalfeld

Hiller GmbH
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Hiller GmbH receives order for dewatering with decanter and passes long-term verification

In the public tender for the drainage technology at the Saalfeld sewage treatment plant, the criterion of economic efficiency was decisive for the award of the contract. Several well-known decanter manufacturers took part in this tender - the contract was finally awarded to Hiller GmbH in Vilsbiburg due to the best price/performance ratio.

Sustainable economic efficiency of publicly operated dewatering plants

According to the Thuringian administrative regulation (§ 8 sentence 2 ThürVgG), the "most economical tender is the tender in which the most favourable ratio between the service requested and the price offered is achieved. All contract-related criteria are decisive, e.g. delivery period or duration of execution, operating costs, profitability, quality, aesthetics and practicality, technical value, customer service and technical assistance, commitments with regard to spare parts, security of supply". This ensures the sustainable economic efficiency of the publicly operated facilities.

Long-term proof guarantees sustainable performance

After the installation of the Hiller decanter DP574, the decanter manufacturer has now successfully proven in a long-term test over one year that this economic efficiency can be achieved at highest throughput rates. Acceptance took place in June 2019 and both the administration union and operator as well as the consulting engineering office were satisfied with the results.

Hiller service centre covers all of Germany with reliable customer service

Hiller GmbH was able to score consistently with the above mentioned criteria. With Peter Krebs, the head of the service office responsible for Northern and Eastern Germany (based in Coesfeld), Hiller is able to guarantee all customers the best possible on-site support as well as highest operational safety.

Almost 50 years of experience in the development and production of decanters speak for themselves. Hiller GmbH has already installed well over 6000 decanters throughout Germany and also worldwide, many of them in the field of municipal and industrial sludge dewatering.

Sewage Treatment at Saalfeld

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