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Hioki to Roll Out Wireless Mini Logger Series

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Hioki is pleased to announce the progressive rollout of its Wireless Mini Logger series of products starting in October. The company will launch the 2-channel Wireless Pulse Logger LR8512 and the Wireless Clamp Logger LR8513 first, followed by the Wireless Temp/Humidity Logger LR8514 and the Wireless Voltage/Thermocouple Logger LR8515 next spring.

The Wireless Mini Logger series enables wireless, real-time logging of data in remote locations when used in combination with the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, which was launched in mid-2013. With availability of these 2-channel loggers, it is now possible to record a variety of data types, including voltage, temperature, pulse integration, and current, in real time as part of a single time-series.

In addition, measurement application software that is scheduled to be launched next spring will make it possible to download measurement data stored on Wireless Mini Logger products to a smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.


* Electric energy measurement in equipment maintenance

* Automobile and transport system testing


1. Use with the LR8410-20 to transmit measurement data wirelessly with Bluetooth technology

2. Use with the LR8410-20 to control and gather data from up to seven measurement units

3. No more worries about data loss if communications are interrupted

4. Download data to a smartphone or tablet to improve measurement efficiency (coming next spring)

Hioki to Roll Out Wireless Mini Logger Series

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