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Hioki Launches Insulation Tester ST5520

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Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Insulation Tester ST5520.

In order to ensure the safety of electronic components such as relays and connectors and of lithium-ion and other batteries used in electric vehicles and smartphones, it is necessary to qualify their insulation characteristics, and testing system manufacturers vie to offer instruments capable of high-volume, high-speed testing.

The Hioki ST5520 Insulation Tester speeds this process by delivering the industry''s fastest testing time at 50 ms (0.05 sec.). Moreover, it provides a contact check function to prevent inadvertent shipment of defective parts in the event the instrument suffers a break in a measurement line or faulty contact with the object under test. The ST5520 also allows the test voltage to be set in 1 V increments from 25 V to 1,000 V to ensure compatibility with various manufacturers'' test processes.

Product Features

1. Faster testing thanks to the industry''s fastest measurement speed

2. Contact check function to improve test quality by preventing shipment of defective parts

3. Operator-configurable output voltage from 25 V to 1,000 V in 1 V increments

4. Verification of external I/O signals on the instrument''s screen

Hioki Launches Insulation Tester ST5520

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