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PE127/12L Pneumatic random orbital sander

This pneumatic random orbital polishing tool is ideally for polishing works in automotive industry because it offers optimal surface quality results on vertical, horicontal and curved surfaces.

The great stroke of 12 mm avoids hologram generation by diffuce polishing result.

The low weight and vibration reducing housing material offer usage over a whole work shift.

The ergonomically designed housing provides a comfortable handling. Additional the convertible second handle can be mounted on both sides for right handed or left handed users.

A velcro plate ∅ 70 mm for recommended pads (∅ 3" /76 mm) is included in scope of delivery, furthers pads are available.

The power of polishing tool can be controled by speed control.

Application range: Ideally suited for large-sized polishing works in automotive and truck industry as well as commercial vehicle industry, furniture making and yacht building.

Power: 343 Watt; speed: 10,000 rpm; stroke: 12 mm; weight: 1.0 kg; dimensions: 277 x 110 mm; plate diameter: 127 mm