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RS 7 Battery-operated cutting tool for energy industry

The battery operated cutting tool RS 7 is ideally for cutting non armored Al cables up to 4 x 240 mm2 as well as Cu cables up to 4 x 185 mm2 with a diameter of 65 mm. The RS 7 is used by energy supply and utility companies, service providers, as well as in telecommunications and the wind energy industry.

- Outstanding cutting capacity by unique working principle.

- The low-weight tool (2.7 kg) allows a good ergonomic one-hand operation.

- Excellent cutting pattern due to circular cut.

- The robust, well concerted motor provides short cutting time.

- Shock-resistant housing with ergonomically arranged control elements.

- Accessories are interchangeable and can be used with any other HOLGER CLASEN battery-operated hydraulic tool.

Opening width: 65 mm; cutting force: 25 kN; weight: 2.7 kg