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PressMax® 6 Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool® 10 Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool

The battery-operated hydraulic crimper PressMax® 6 Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool® 10 can be used for a wide range of applications making it a premium middle class tool.

It can satisfy the demands of the energy sector and industry for lightweight yet powerful tools for cross-sections of up to 300 mm² according to DIN.

The battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool is useable with c-shaped crimping dies. Thanks to the light-weight and well-balanced design with non-slip housing a safe one-hand operation is possible.

The optimized 2-step hydraulic system ensures very short crimping cycles.

The tool offers safe crimping even in confined spaces by narrow, rotatable crimping head with LED for lighting the working area.

The accessories are interchangeable in battery-operated hydraulic tool series of HOLGER CLASEN.

Crimping force: 100 kN; crimping range hex. crimping: Cu according to DIN: 10-300mm2; Al according to DIN: 10-300mm2


  • Alsterdorfer Str. 234, 22297 Hamburg, Germany