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KombiMax-5(F) / 6 Battery-Combi-Set series HC CableMax®

All-in one - everything has its place: two tools, two batteries and one charger. A sorting box for crimping dies is integrated.

The battery crimping tool CrimpMax® 6 has an ideal power to weight ratio for crimping jobs of up to 240 mm² according to DIN. Especially the energy sector values their ergonomic design and the use of standard dies. It is useable with standard spring and pin crimping dies. A safe one-hand operation is possible thanks to the light-weight and well-balanced design with non-slip housing. A safe crimping even in confined spaces by narrow, rotatable crimping head, an additional LED for lighting the working area and very short crimping cycles makes the CrimpMax® 6 a reliable crimping tool.

The battery cutting tool RS 5 is designed for cutting Cu- and Al-cable of up to ∅ 50 mm, e.g. NAYY 4x185 mm2 and single-strand Cu up to 630 mm2.

Thanks to the special fine sharpened blades the RS 5-F cuts fine and very fine-stranded conductors up to 630 mm2 Cu and Al (conductor class 5 and 6 according to DIN VDE 0295). The tools are used by energy supply and utility companies, service providers, as well as in telecommunications and the wind energy industry. The low-weight tool (2.1 kg) allows a good ergonomic one-hand operation and have excellent cutting patterns due to circular cut.

The accessories are interchangeable in battery-operated hydraulic tool series of HOLGER CLASEN.