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#Product Trends

CutMax4 Battery-operated hydraulic cutting tool

Working with CutMax4 is:

•Quicker: 30 % higher cutting speed.

•Easier: Tool weight is reduced by 8 %

•More efficient: 10 % more cuts.

•Safer: non-slip housing and well-balanced design.

•More enduring: 10 % higher work life thanks to optimized construction.

•Brighter: Equipped with LED for lighting the working area.

•Interchangeable: Batteries, battery charger and power supply units still can be used.

The battery-operated hydraulic cutting tool offers all features of the former model RS4, e.g. the rotatable cutting head, the two-step-hydraulic feed for quick cutting as well as optimized transmission of power thanks to guillotine principle to cut even hard material (e.g. ACSR).

Opening width: 40mm; cutting force: 68kN; weight: 5.6kg; dimensions: 460x292x80mm