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Crimping and cutting with new battery-powered tools

When it comes to switch cabinet installation, technicians are increasingly faced with space constraints. In order to be able to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines, they need small tools. For both cutting and crimping cables, a tool’s design and shape are crucial to improve ergonomics. Hamburg-based tool manufacturer HOLGER CLASEN GmbH & Co. KG has now developed the InLiner IC 6-C battery-powered crimping tool and the RS 5-O battery-powered cutting tool specifically to meet the challenges of switch cabinet installation. HOLGER CLASEN also expanded an existing product line by adding the battery-powered crimping tool PressMax 6-C to offer clients an attractive assortment of tools for this special type of work.

HAMBURG. The InLiner IC 6-C rapidly and precisely crimps copper and aluminum cables with diameters of up to 300 mm2. What makes it special is that the crimping head is located directly at the end of the handle and the tool’s 6-t-C die holding head is only about 20 mm wide. What’s more, it pivots and comes with an LED for illuminating the workplace. “This makes this new tool an ideal choice for use in constricted spaces that are difficult to reach,” explains Ulrich Strecker, product manager for tools at HOLGER CLASEN. Another advantage of the InLiner IC 6-C is that the dies are interchangeable with all other standard 6-t-C dies. Thanks to the tool’s light weight and its ergonomically designed housing that fits securely in the hand, users can safely operate it with only one hand over longer periods without tiring.

Working with the PressMax 6-C over long periods of time is even more enjoyable. It offers the same features as the InLiner IC 6-C except that the crimping head is located at a 90° angle in relation to the handle. “The PressMax 6-C uses a two-step hydraulic mechanism that cuts crimping time considerably,“ says Ulrich Strecker.

Another new tool made by HOLGER CLASEN is the RS 5-O, a battery-powered cutting tool ideally suited for switch cabinet installation as well as general applications in the energy industry. With an opening width of 50mm, it cuts copper cables with diameters of up to 500 mm2 and aluminum cables of up to 630mm2 such as NAYY 4 × 150 mm2. Its light weight of only 2.8kg and open cutting profile make it easy and fun to work with without compromising precision. In contrast to traditional guillotine cutters, this innovative tool has no lever to constantly switch and slow down work.

Accessories such as cases, batteries, chargers, and power supplies can be used with any tool of HOLGER CLASEN’s battery-powered hydraulics line.

For more information about our products, go to, or visit us at eltefa trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, (March 29–31, 2017) at booth D74 in hall 4 and at the trade fair at the Hannover Messe (April 24–28, 2017) at booth C90 in hall 13.



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