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2019 K show - HUARONG GROUP - Two-platen horizontal moulding machine

Huarong Group have a booth in K show, Hall 12 A52-33, to showcase Two-platen horizontal machine-NRH series and Rotary vertical machine-YR series.

●Less space + Less cost for More opening stroke.

This year Huarong Group will showcase Two-platen horizontal machine (NRH series) and Rotary vertical machine (YR series) in 2019 K show.

Regard to Two-platen machine (NRH series), it has a longer mould opening stroke suitable for long-size products and shortens movement with precise automatic mould adjustment and fast mould clamping.

The machine's mechanical size is shortened by about 20% to 30% compared with toggle machine which significantly reduces the cost of plant construction and machine.

Huarong Group sincerely invites you to come to our booth, Hall 12 A52-33. We will prepare snacks and drinks for all of you to discuss in a relaxed and pleasant environment.


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