BMC Injection Molding Machine.

Huarong Han
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BMC is a kind of thermosetting plastic, because it has good fluidity, it is very suitable for injection molding.

1. BMC, also known as "bulk molding compound", is an unusual type of plastic pellets. Therefore, HMC series has an "auto-feed mechanism" to facilitate feeding the compound into the barrel and make the feed stable.

2. As BMC is a thermosetting plastic, based on the characteristics of the material, the temperature of the barrel of the injection machine should not be too high to facilitate the flow of the material. Therefore, in the BMC injection molding process, "controlling the temperature of the barrel" is very important.

3. In addition, because BMC is a thermosetting plastic, it is necessary to heat the mold. Therefore, the "platen with insulator plate" prevents the mold temperature from being transmitted to the platen.

4. In addition, with the "independent mold temperature controller" for each section, the mold temperature control is more accurate and the quality of the finished product is better.

BMC injection molding machine
BMC injection molding machine

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