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【How much do you know about Huarong machine】HRN Series (Standard)

What kind of details make Huarong's injection molding machine so special?

Every equipment is interlocked to achieve a high-quality injection machine and deliver it to you.

1.Box-type platen maximized the durability of clamping

Through “Stress Analysis,” the box-type platen has advantages for high rigidity, low deformation, and won’t fracture.

2.Patented tie-bar design

Design the tie-bar by non-rigid absorption method. Reduce platen deformation, improve balance, and extend the tie-bar service life.

3.Double Hydraulic cylinder injection system

Push the screw forward smoothly, the output is large and even, simple structure, low failure rate and easy maintenance.

4.Patented Shield

Easy to open and close for maintenance and clean.

5.Servo system (Optional)

It performs all-electric injection molding machine high-precision, fast, stable and the advantages of hydraulic structure for high pressure and high thrust.


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