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【How much do you know about Huarong machine】Co-Injection, HDC Series

What kind of details make Huarong's injection molding machine so special? Every equipment is interlocked to achieve a high-quality injection machine and deliver it to you.

1.Patented rotary table design

Patented rotary platen, with accurate positioning for tilt-free. Accurate positioning with triple control by mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic for perfect reciprocation.

2.External gear drive, rapid on rotation & accurate positioning.

3.T-type injection molding (optional)

Alternative(optional) injection unit to convert a standard (mono-injection) machine into a T-type co-injection system.

3rd injection unit (optional)

Join to complete a triplex molding

4.Servo-drive rotation(optional)

Accelerated movement with accurate positioning & direct-break complete the rapid rotation.

5.Servo system (Optional)

It performs all-electric injection molding machine high-precision, fast, stable and the advantages of hydraulic structure for high pressure and high thrust.


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