【How much do you know about Huarong machine】2-Platen NRH Series

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What kind of details make Huarong's injection molding machine so special? Every equipment is interlocked to achieve a high-quality injection machine and deliver it to you.

1. 20%~30% less from machine length, compare with toggle design.

Less space required for a molding facility.

2. Built-in design with ejection cylinder.

Minimized machine length effectively.

3. Fully automatic mold-close adjustment ready.

Less time needed for mold change.

4. Available option for additional stroke from opening.

Spare the larger machine needs for additional opening stroke.

5. Extended Die service expectancy without deformation thanks to hydraulic cylinder clamping parallelism.

6.With additional mold lifting module to accommodate jumbo machines in regular facility height.

Know more about NRH : https://pse.is/478ytu

NRH application video : https://pse.is/47rx53

Huarong constantly pursues innovation and wants to create the greatest value of cooperation with customers. No matter what kind of dream you have about injection molding and automation, Huarong will definitely make it come true for you.

Horizontal injection molding machine NRH Series
Horizontal injection molding machine NRH Series

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