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Installation of injection molding machine, what should be paid attention to?

For the plastic injection molding factory, whether it is expanding the production line or replacing the old machine to buy the new injection molding machine, the plastic injection molding factory must do some preparations for the installation of the injection molding machine before the machine is delivered to the factory.

A good preparation not only helps to safely complete the installation, but also can reduce the installation time.

The following is divided into three stages: before installation, installing and after installation to share how to install the injection molding machine correctly:

1. Before installation:

The environment and precaution of the injection molding machine positioning

The injection molding machine is composed of a metal structure with strong clamping force. It has high-locking parts, high-speed moving parts, and high-temperature parts. Simultaneously, preventive measures such as pinching, scalding, and electric shock should be taken during the operation.

Keep work areas clean. Cluttered areas and benches invite injuries.

Consider the work area environment. Do not expose power to rain. Do not use the machine in damp or wet locations. Keep work areas well lit. Do not use power tolls when there is a risk of causing fire of explosion by hazardous vapor.

Maintain machines with care. Keep working mold is sharp and clean for better and safer performance. Follow the instructions on lubrication and changing the accessories. Inspect the machine cord periodically and if damaged, has it repaired by an authorized service person. Inspect extension cords are periodically and replace, if damaged. Keep the handle dry, clean and free from oil and grease.

Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.

Disconnect the machine power supply. Turn off the power machine before servicing, accessories change and no using.

2. During installation:

The injection molding machine installation procedure

The machine is positioned. (The large injection molding machine is divided into four parts: a fixed platen, a moveable platen, a clamping unit base and an injection unit base)

Install the anti-vibration pad under the clamping unit base, adjust the height of the anti-vibration pad to the lowest, fix it on the clamping unit base, and then place it on the planned ground position.

Install the anti-vibration pad under the injection unit base, adjust the height of anti-vibration pad to the lowest, fix it on the injection unit base, and then place it on the ground to install the injection seat above the injection unit base and lock all the screws.

Fix the fixed platen above the clamping unit base and lock all the screws.

Place the moveable platen above the clamping unit base and lock all the screws on the mold-adjusting platen.

Put the spirit level on the tie-bar and measure whether the machine is parallel to the front and rear. Put the spirit level below the barrel push rod to measure whether the machine is parallel to the left and right. When all the levels of front, rear, left, and right have been fine, fix all anti-vibration pads’ fixing nuts.

Tighten all heat resistant tubing.

When the motor starts, press and release it, after several times, the air in the motor will be discharged.

Test whether the pressure flow is normal.

Grease the tie-bar, adjusted mold gear, and all slide plates, and fill all grease holes.

Fix all the shield (safety door) and test whether the opening of the safety door is smooth.

Measure whether the parallelism of the fixed platen and the moveable platen is within the tolerance (within 10 bars of plus or minus).

Install and test all accessories.

3. After installation:

The adjustment of the injection molding machine and function confirmation

Place the machine on the planned ground position, adjust the machine level to be not shaking, apply anti-rust oil to the steel plate of the moving parts, clean the grease and foreign objects on the platen, replenish the grease of each moving part and wipe off the excess grease.

Check whether the distribution valve of the toggle lubricating oil has a smooth action pressure, and whether the lubricant quantity is sufficient and replenished. The hydraulic oil quantity must be sufficient, and the cooling water circuit must be properly connected.

Before connecting the power supply, it is necessary to check whether the electrical components and wires of the machine are loose and fall off due to the vibration of transportation. Only after confirmation can the power supply be connected. Connect the three contacts R, S, and T of AC according to the local voltage of each country, and securely lock the power cord on the contacts. The diameter of the power cord should be selected according to the specifications of the machine.

Check the function of safety relief valve, when the safety door opens, the hydraulic oil can’t pass through the safety relief valve that machine can’t do the mold closing to protect the operator.

Check the function of the emergency button, when press the emergency button, the pump motor stops running.

Check the action program of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode, according to the control manual to check whether the action is normal.


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