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Automatic, Power Saving, Accurate, Fast - Huarong Robot Arm

Huarong has invested in automation technology in response to industrial upgrades and serves a wide range of customers.

Huarong Robot adopt:

•5-Axis Servo Motor

Integrates the advantages of servo and pneumatic hybris without climbing for adjustment. Available for insert parts before molding and secondary processing after finished product unloading.

•Double-Section Type Telescopic Mechanism

The solution for the limited height space and improve the moving speed.

Features of Telescopic & Single Robot Arm:

1. Servomotor driven

Precise, fast, digital adjustment automation.

2. Telescopic go up and down

Two times faster than Single-stage robot.

3. Customized

Depend on customer's requirement to be 3-axis or 5-axis.

Servo Telescopic Robot, Automatic Production of Bottle Cap |Huarong Group


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