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The core spirit of Huarong : Quality-Innovation. "Composited Injection Blow Molding Machine" and "Stand-alone Management Platform"

Huarong continues to pursue innovation, and has successively launched innovative application products such as "Composited Injection Blow Molding Machine" and "Stand-alone Management Platform" in R&D design.

Breaking through the possibility of vertical injection molding machine in injection production, HUARONG integrated the advantages of multi-station rotary vertical injection molding machine and added the composite functions of other stations to launch a new composited injection blow molding machine, built to meet every customized design need of customers.

Compared with the separated injection and blow molding in two machines, this composited injection blow molding machine can complete processing, manufacturing, and production in one machine. It occupies a smaller space and completes processes in one step without secondary heating.

Moreover, it is equipped with a four-station servo rotary table structure and a direct-drive servo system. The rotary table system has a reproducibility of 99.9% up of the rotation position. In addition, it can change the mold cores easily. It's ideal for producing various styles and small quantities of products to reduce the mold change time by 60% and the mold make cost by 80%.

Composited Injection Blow Molding Machine:

Optimized Two-platen Injection Molding Machine with Stand-alone Management Platform

Compared with toggle injection molding machine of the same tonnage, the machine length of two-platen injection molding machine is about 15% shorter, which can improve the utilization rate of the workshop space. In addition, HUARONG has optimized the structure of the bearing support column, when the 4 direct-pressure hydraulic cylinders are clamped at high pressure, the machine will not shake.

In addition to the advantages of the original two-platen injection molding machine, such as small clamping stroke and long mold opening stroke, the machine is stable and does not shake under high pressure clamping, which reduces the probability of tie-bar breakage and saves the cost of machine maintenance.

The two-platen injection molding machine is equipped with the latest research and development stand-alone intelligent system. The administrator can connect to the platform through the computer device to check the "machine status" and "production information". The platform also has the intelligent inspection function independently developed by Huarong, aiming at 7 production parameters to actively calculates and informs the manager, which can predict the machine condition in advance and eliminate it early; the platform can export production data through the network to realize paperless management.

Huarong Group, which has been focusing on injection molding technology and products for many years, has repeatedly emphasized its core value of "Industry-Alliance" to provide customers stable production.

In addition to taking sturdiness and smart management as the core of the product, and providing customers with stable equipment, HUARONG's HRB servo manipulator, Easy-to-operate stand-alone connection system, Factory Management Platform HFM, etc. have been developed for turnkey solution to assist the customer’s vision of building a 24-hour unmanned smart factory, to achieve customer's dream and help the customer gain maximum returns on HUARONG's injection molding machine.

Stand-alone Management Platform:


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