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Injection Molding Machine - Wide Range of Products Produced By It

A wide variety of injection molded products is made using these machines. From small components like buttons and caps to large items like car bumpers and flower pots.

With different plastic, color masterbatch, and mold, the injection molding machine produces various plastic flower pots

Plastic flower pots are widely used as garden accessories and are available in various sizes and shapes. To be a gardener, you can match the plant style to select plastic flower pots because, with different plastic, color masterbatch, and mold, the injection molding machine can quickly produce various plastic flower pots.

Besides, the benefits of plastic flower pots are not easily damaged by sun exposure and rain erosion.

Regarding the injection molding machine, there are different types of injection machines according to the production needs. The following is a simple classification based on the clamping difference. And this article will mainly introduce the “two-platen injection machine.”

Medium and large injection molding machine - Two-platen machine

For medium to large-size products, the two-platen injection molding machine is a good option because of the two-platen structure, the machine length is shorter, and the mold opening stroke is longer. Without the toggle, there is no toggle wear problem of relative movement, so the two-platen machine maintains the mold closing precision for a longer time, and its maintenance cost is lower. When the size of the injection machine requires larger, the above advantages will be magnified. Besides, the mold thickness adjustment of the two-platen machine is also simple, and the mold can be changed quickly.

Feature |

1. Superb Medium/Large injection molding machine Improving 35% of machine materials, making maintenance simple, effectively save production space without limitation.

2. Optimized 4 direct-pressure hydraulic cylinders Balance equivalent tensile force.

3. Supporting sliding module with an inner limit design (Patented M578643) High loading and two-way guiding function, which is easy to maintain, taking into account safety and convenience.

4. Option of intelligent management Abnormal alarms can be notified by LINE or Telegram to control production situation.

Plastic flower pots manufacturing video

▶️Video highlights

Machine model | Two-platen machine - NRH series

Plastic product | Plastic flower pot, Potted plant,

Row material | PP

Mold cavity | 1

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