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Case Studies: Successful Implementation of Automation Solutions in Injection Molding

How Automation is Transforming Injection Molding: Inspiring Examples of Succesful Implementations

Implementing Automation in Your Manufacturing Process

As the automotive industry continues to grow, automation has become essential in the parts manufacturing process to improve efficiency and productivity. Implementing automation in injection molding is numerous, including reducing errors and saving time by automating material handling, assembly, and quality control tasks to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs. Additionally, automation can help optimize production processes, improve product quality and speed up turnaround times.

This case study will explore how one automotive plastic parts manufacturer successfully implemented automation solutions to achieve a fully automated production process.

Challenges for Plastic Auto Parts Manufacturing

The automotive parts manufacturer faced the challenge of meeting the increasing demand for high-quality plastic parts and improving production efficiency while lacking manpower. Many precision parts in automotive parts need to be inserted before production. Most automotive parts manufacturers use vertical injection machines with a horizontal surface, which is convenient for manually placing inserted iron parts and locking screws.

But one person can only perform one action. When the mold has many cavities, multiple people must act together to keep production efficient, preventing longer lead times, but higher production costs. Therefore, the manufacturer recognized the need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution: automation implementation.

Benefits of Full Automation for Plastic Auto Parts Manufacturing

The manufacturer partnered with Huarong Group to provide an automation solution to integrate automation into their injection molding process. The solution included the installation of injection molding machines, peripheral equipment, and robotic arms to achieve a fully automated production line. Huarong Group designed a customized solution to handle the entire production process, from material handling to assembly and quality control.

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