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Toggle Type Injection Molding Machine vs. Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine

Toggle type and two-platen clamping systems have their own advantages, so what are the features of each of them?

In the application of clamping system on horizontal injection molding machine, there are usually toggle type and two-platen clamping systems. These two injection molding machines have their own advantages, so what are the features of each of them?

▶Toggle type: Commonly used by plastic product manufacturers, composed of a fixed platen, a movable platen, a die height platen, an I-shaped plate, four sets of tie bars, a set of toggle linkage mechanism, a set of clamping cylinder and a set of mold-adjusting gear. It can be further divided into 2 types – inward toggle and outward toggle. The inward toggle currently has the highest market share in the injection molding industry. Although the outward toggle is less, it has its special feature that the machine length is shorter and the opening stroke is longer, so the outward toggle is suitable for producing deeper barrels.

▶Two-Platen: Composed of a fixed platen, a movable platen, four sets of tie bars, two sets of mold opening and closing cylinders, and four sets of direct pressure clamping cylinders. The two-platen directly pushes the movable platen by mold opening and closing cylinders. The opening stroke is driven by two sets of mold opening and closing cylinders. When customers want to increase the opening stroke due to product needs, the opening stroke can be modified by the cylinder stroke, tie bar, and machine frame length to meet product needs.

●Judging from clamping action, simulated by Huarong’s professional technical team, if the same movable platen moving distance and power of the machine platen closed is used to simulate the movement situation of the toggle type and two-platen, in the comparison of mold closing time of the same specification, the two-platen clamping mechanism takes 0.6 seconds longer than the toggle type, but for medium-to-large size of injection molding which has a longer production cycle for large products, this difference is little impact.

In terms of machine size, the machine length is compared with the same specifications. The toggle type is limited by the motion range of the toggle linkage mechanism. The machine length is longer than the two-platen. The overall size of Huarong two-platen injection molding machine can reduce the space by more than 20% compared with the same specification of the toggle type.


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