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Optical Technology Gas Sensing Solutions for NOx Measurement in CEMS Application

Optical Technology Gas Sensing Solutions for NOx Measurement in CEMS Application

Optical Technology Gas Sensing Solutions for NOx Measurement in CEMS Application

In order to meet the increasing demand of NOx measurement from the international CEMS market, Cubic-Ruiyi has developed optical measurement gas sensing and analyzing solutions to replace the traditional Electrochemical sensor and NOx converter. The core optical technologies of UV-DOAS, Micro-flow NDIR and NDUV combinations enable Cubic-Ruiyi to provide flexible and cost-effective solution for different project requirements.

1)UV-DOAS gas sensor bench Gasboard-2205

Based on UV-DOAS technology, Cubic-Ruiyi has developed gas sensor bench Gasboard-2205, which is able to measure NO and NO2, as well as SO2, in one chamber at the same time.


One gas chamber for up to 3 gases (SO2+NO+NO2) components measurement simultaneously, easier for integration.

Suitable for ultra-low measurement of NO gas concentration range (≤250ppm), enable the lowest range as low as to 0-50mg/m3.

Measurement on NO2 directly without converter, higher accuracy and longer lifetime.

No moisture & vibration interference.

2)Micro-Flow NDIR gas sensor bench Gasboard-2105 & NDUV gas sensor bench Gasboard-2205

Based on Micro-flow NDIR and NDUV technology, Cubic-Ruiyi has developed Gasbaord-2105 to measure NO and Gasboard-2305 to measure NO2 respectively and users can obtain NOx data by simple calculation.


One sensor bench measure one gas individually

Patented technology (PCT/CN2018100767) with dual‐chamber sensor design for measured gas and the reference gas to realize high accuracy

Automatic temperature compensation

Built-in moisture adjustment device, eliminate the interference of H2O

Customized measurement range optional

Besides these OEM sensor technologies for analyzer manufacturers, Cubic-Ruiyi can also supply integrated gas analyzer or complete gas monitoring system solutions for different customers’ demand:

Online flue gas analyzer Gasboard-3000Plus which adopts Micro-flow NDIR & NDUV sensor to measure NO and NO2 by respective sensors and calculate NOx automatically.

Online UV flue gas analyzer Gasboard-3000UV which adopts UV-DOAS sensor to measure NO, NO2 and SO2 simultaneously.

Both analyzers have been certified by TUV, and have been widely accepted and applied globally in different CEMS application markets, especially like India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc.


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