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Frequently Asked Questions Raman Gas Analyzers

Have questions about Raman gas analyzers? Read our answers to frequently asked questions from an expert in the gas analyzer industry.

1. What are the advantages of Laser Raman compared with other technologies?

Compared to other traditional techniques such as GC, MS and photometer, Raman technology is the most advanced laser-based gas phase analysis technology and is an alternative to traditional techniques. It provides online real-time measurement with wide detection range from 0.1% to 100%. One instrument can provide gas monitoring for entire industrial process gas, no carrier gas and calibration gas, and low operating costs.

2. How does Laser Raman gas analyzer work and how about the working conditions?

Laser Raman uses the baseline-separated peaks to analyse different components which is similar to chromatogram analysis. It can be mounted at the sampling point and suitable for harsh environments with high temperature and high pressure.

3. Will the maintenance of Laser Raman gas analyzer be expensive?

Laser Raman gas analyzer has no need to do the routine calibration and it does not need carrier gases, instrument air even valves and ovens, which will reduce the cost in the operation and later maintenance.


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