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Syngas Analysis and Monitoring Solutions for Gasification Process

Syngas Analysis and Monitoring Solutions for Gasification Process

Research in the field of gasification is increasingly important as various chemical, industrial and energy production processes can be powered by a gasifier. Proper measurement of the gas components of the producer gas (which is often called as synthesis gas or syngas) is vital because generally each process has a specific demand on heat value and gas composition. For example if the syngas produced from the gasifier is used as fuel for a furnace, a gas analyzer will be needed to monitor the heat value of the syngas before it is burned. And adjustments can be made to the gasifier to optimize the heating value of the gas produced, as well as to the downstream process to optimize the air-fuel ratio and thermal efficiency.

Gasboard-3100P Portable Syngas Analyzer manufactured by CUBIC-RUIYI Instrument can provide proper solutions to the above gas analysis demands. Its outstanding features are as follows:

1.PCT approved product based on IR & TCD technologies to measure syngas composition. (EU and US Authorization No.: EP2796856 , US9857323).

2.Capable of simultaneously measuring 8 gases of CO, CO2, CH4, H2, O2 and especially C2H2 C2H4, CnHm, which are commonly generated in gasification process.

3.Special designed CH4 gas sensor, no interference from higher hydrocarbons.

4.Fully compensated H2 sensor, with linear correction based on real time readings of CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm, C2H2, C2H4.

5.Smart heat value calculation, vital to gasifier performance optimization.

6.Internal data memory, RS232 for data output and PC software for smart data management.

7.Portable design with battery power supply for 8 hours autonomous operation.

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