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Cubic-Ruiyi attended China International Coal Gasification Technology and Industry Meeting of 2018

On Sep.12 to 14, 2018, the second term China International Coal Gasification Technology and Industry Meeting was successfully held in Erdos.

The meeting gathers the authoritative experts in coal industry, owners of coal chemical project, coal gasification technology patent licensers, engineering design companies, supporting equipment enterprises, waste management units, financial investors, enterprises and public institutions and authorities. Cubic Ruiyi attended the meeting carrying self-developed syngas components monitoring product.

At the beginning of 2018, multi-factors drive the steady recovery of international oil prices, coal chemical project planning and construction process accelerated. China will embrace new development opportunities in the fields of oil production from coal, natural gas production from coal, olefin production from coal, ethylene glycol production from coal, methanol production from coal, large-scale synthetic ammonia production from coal, ethanol production from coal and hydrogen production from coal.

As a leading device of coal chemical industry, coal gasification is the key to ensure the safe and stable operation of coal chemical project. More than 30 types of coal gasification technologies have emerged in China's coal gasification market, and nearly 1,000 gasification furnaces of over 25 coal gasification technology patent companies are running. With the continuous development of the coal chemical industry, the market of coal gasification technologies and supporting equipment will embrace huge demand space.

In order to accelerate the innovation and breakthrough of new coal gasification technology, fully exchange large coal chemical industry demonstration projects coal gasification plant operation experience, to promote coal gasification application form a complete set of equipment localization, steadily improving coal gasification technology provider, chemical raw materials, coal producers and chemical project owners three parties to coordinate ability, strengthen improve the system integration of coal gasification and coal chemical industry, to promote the modern coal chemical industry safe, efficient, green, innovation and development, the conference focused on discussing hot and difficult problems in the field of coal chemical industry and coal gasification.

Committed to the localization application of coal gasification supporting equipment, as a leading supplier of industrial process gas monitoring solutions, the company attended the conference with its self-developed products -- lRGA-6000 laser Raman spectrum gas analyzer and Gasboard-3100 (P) infrared gas analyzer, which attracted many people in the industry to visit and consult.

By Cubic Optoelectronics (Ruiyi as its wholly owned subsidiary) of laser Raman spectra of research and development and application of gas analyzer "project in 2012" national major scientific instruments and equipment development projects "project, in addition to its research and development production LRGA - 6000 can be widely used in coal, coal gas, coal to olefin, coal to methanol, ethylene glycol coal large-scale synthetic ammonia or coal system of ethanol and hydrogen production from coal, and other fields, also almost all the composition of the syngas can measure the coal chemical industry, such as CO, CO2, CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, C3H8, iC4, nC4,N2, O2, H2, H2O, H2S, etc. In addition, IRGA-6000 can also integrate multiple functions to meet the application requirements of different industrial sites.

Compared with gas carrier and chromatographic column, lrga-6000 requires very short response time and simple operation.Mass spectrometers are expensive, costly to maintain, and relatively complex to operate, and are rarely used for online analysis of industrial sites, while lRGA-6000 is more suitable for harsh industrial sites.

The Gasboard-3100 (P), a national key new product, national invention and international PCT patent product, won the gold award of invention patent of Hubei Province in 2017, and the "excellent product award" of China instrument and meter society in 2016, which can simultaneously monitor the gas concentration and calorific value of eight components: O2, H2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H2, C2H4 and C2H6. Its core gas sensor components adopt modular design, plug and play, disassembly and installation is convenient, which greatly simplifies equipment maintenance process and cost, replacing traditional combustion calorimeter, online chromatography and mass spectrometry.

The conference of coal chemical industry prospect for the domestic market and coal gasification has carried on the thorough analysis, summarized the large-scale coal chemical industry demonstration projects gasification units operating experience, analyzed the new coal gasification technology innovation and industrial application progress, shared the innovation of coal gasification equipment of form a complete set of new breakthrough and demonstration application cases, strengthened the coal chemical industry, coal gasification device exchanges and cooperation between the enterprises and institutions, explored a new way of clean coal utilization, promoted the coal chemical industry science, health and sustainable development.

Cubic-Ruiyi attended China International Coal Gasification Technology and Industry Meeting of 2018


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