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Cubic-Ruiyi Attended AMR 2018 with Level 00 High Precision Automobile Emission Analysis Equipment

In April 4, AMR Beijing International Automobile Protection Exhibition(Automobile beauty fast repair chain operation exhibition) was successfully held in International exhibition center (new building), Beijing China.

Auto maintenance and beauty distribution/agent from more than 60 countries and regions in the world, comprehensive repair shop, 4S shop group, tire shop, fast repair shop, franchising, testing station, the large and medium-sized vocational colleges, transit and transport company and association media gathered. Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd with the latest products ultra-high precision of automobile exhaust gas analyzer, tail gas sensors, ultraviolet optical platform NOx emission analyzer and other automobile testing equipment was present at the exhibition.

With the issuance of new automobile sales management policies and the increase of vehicles beyond the warranty period of new cars, the industrial structure of the maintenance industry is expected to change from the traditional 4S stores that dominate to chain stores, independent after-sales service stores and emerging online platforms. Although the auto after-sale market is more competitive than ever, it also offers an unprecedented opportunity for dealers, end users, global suppliers of maintenance products and stakeholders. As the largest auto repair equipment, tools and beauty maintenance exhibition in Asia, AMR 2018 covers from products and technologies to solutions and emerging business models, it is estimated that this conference has attracted about 1,200 exhibitors and 60,000 professional visitors.

In 2018, the positioning of China's auto maintenance and even the whole auto post-market pattern has rapidly changed. Innovation is not only product innovation, but also management, marketing and channel innovation. Integration and cooperation are effective means for enterprises to quickly improve their brands and market share. Always tillage bow in professional and technical innovation and upgrading product quality control capable of that, the company research and development team NDIR gas sensor with 15 years of independent research and development with 5 years experience in the world top 500 enterprise form a complete set of OEM/ODM, launch of the first domestic independent intellectual property rights of level 00 ultra-high precision automobile exhaust analyzer Gasboard - 3000E, exhaust gas sensor optical platform Gasboard - 2000E, and ultraviolet analyzer NOx emissions Gasboard - 3000UV, for the domestic automobile exhaust gas composition test provides a more precise data to support. On the day when the product was launched, it attracted many professional visitors in the fields of comprehensive repair factory, 4S shop group and testing station.

In recent years, the state has staged a series of environmental policies, boost the development of environmental protection industry, environmental protection concept also gradually into all walks of life, the development of environment-friendly cars have to be reckoned with momentum into everyone's vision, the development of environmental protection industry is bound to bring the vehicle emissions low quantification, this makes the traditional exhaust gas analyzer can meet the test requirements, low exhaust emissions level 00 conveniently, so the application of the detection technology to automobile exhaust was invented.

Gasboard-3000E adopts the company's patented dual-beam micro-flow infrared technology, which can measure the concentration of CO, HC, CO2 and NO in automobile exhaust in real time, and can expand the measurement of O2 concentration. Its automatic constant temperature technology can eliminate the influence of external environment. The design of the filter gas chamber can reduce the cross-interference of gas and thus improve the measurement accuracy of the equipment, which is in line with the latest national GB 18285 level measurement requirements of the "gasoline vehicle pollutant emission limit and measurement method (double idling method and simple working condition method)".

Gasboard-2000-E has passed ISO9001and IATF16949 automobile quality system certification, the company independent intellectual property rights of double-beam infrared gas analysis technology, real-time measurement of CO, HC, CO2 content in the automobile exhaust, and O2, NO measurement interface, integrate other exhaust gas analysis equipment, such as gasoline, LPG, CNG, diesel fuel engine emissions testing equipment to provide OEM/ODM of form a complete set, it is understood that the company NDIR gas sensor shipments about 1 million a year.

Gasboard-3000UV based on the internationally leading UV differential absorption spectral gas analysis technology, adopts a unique algorithm with high precision through the short gas chamber, strong anti-interference ability, high measurement precision and low detection lower limit, meeting the requirement of level 00 measurement accuracy of GB 3847 and GB 18285 standards.

As mentioned in the national brand plan, China's manufacturing industry will shift from "manufacturing power of China" to "creation power of China" in the future. As a typical entity manufacturer, China will take control of itself and join the craze of Chinese creation along with the national call. In the future, we will continue to carry out extensive scientific research cooperation with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and enterprises, build an ecological system for the development of automobile testing industry, and create more new applications and breakthroughs adapted to domestic and international conditions.


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