TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors
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Thermal comfort measuring system - a new tool for testing

Hukseflux offers sensors, measuring systems and engineering & consultancy services to the automotive industry. Our company takes measurement to the next level. An example is the TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube.

The TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube system measures human thermal comfort. The primary source of information from TCOMSYS01 is the power [W] required to keep the TCOM01 sensor at a constant temperature; a very direct measure of human comfort.

The second direct information supplied by the heat flux sensors of TCOM01 is the heat loss or gain [W/m²] as a function of direction. If radiative sources are dominant, TCOMSYS01 will measure radiative asymmetry. Other ancillary measurements are ambient air temperature and relative humidity.

TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube
TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube

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