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Automatic Coal and Biomass Ash Fusibility Analyzer SDAF105b

Sundy Science and Technology
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Sundy automatic ash fusibility analyzer SDAF105b is an full automatic ash fusibility tester which can be used to determine the ash fusibility of coal, coal and biomass ash. It's with the function of automatic sample loading, automatic heating, automatic temperature controlling and automatic test, after finish the test, test result will be automatically identified. Manual check is also available. With autoamtic sample loading mechanism, continuous test is available.


Ash fusion testers can be used to determine the four characteristic temperatures (Deformation Temperature - DT, Softening (Sphere) Temperature - ST, Hemisphere Temperature - HT &Flow (Fluid) Temperature - FT) of coal, coke and biomass ash.

Conformance with Standards:

ASTM D1857-04 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash

ISO540 (2004) Hard coal and coke – Determination of ash fusibility

GB/T219—2008 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal


Maxnumber of samples:5~9

Max temperature:Room Temperature ~ 1600℃

Temperature Resolution: 1℃

Temprature – controlled precision : <5°C

Furnace material:Mullite

Heating element: Silicon, Molybdenum rods

Heating rate:20±5 ℃ (≤900 ℃)

5±1 ℃ (>900 ℃)

Test atmosphere:Weak Reducing atmosphere:Gas flow method or Carbon seal method

Oxidising atmosphere: Air flow method

Power requirement:220 V±10%,50Hz

Max power:2.4kw


1. Automatic Sample Loader, Sample loading at ambient temperature.

2. More sample loading

Up to 9 samples can be loaded once.

3. Automatic image recording and identifying

Equipped with CCD camera technology, the whole test process will be monitored real time, the images will be shown on the

computer screen and stored, software automatically identifying four characteristic temperatures.

4. Accurate test result

HD colour camera makes the images more clear, thus the identification of characteristic temperature can be more accurate.

5. Recheck the test result available

On completion of the test, the stored image can be replayed for finding the characteristic temperature manually.

6. Compatible with Windows OS

a) Easy to use Windows-based operating software.

b) Easy data handling, real time data can be transmitted through internal network.

c) CAN bus interface, several ash fusion testers can be controlled by a single PC.

Automatic Coal and Biomass Ash Fusibility Analyzer SDAF105b

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