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Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter by Sundy Science and Technology

Sundy Science and Technology
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Sundy bomb calorimeter can be used to determine the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum oil, cement black meal, biomass fuels as well as building material. It's automatic with easy operation, analysis time is short while test result is accurate enough.

Standard conformity:

ASTM D5865-2007, ISO1928


Analysis time of calorimeter: <8 min

Temperature Resolution: 0.0001K

Heat Capacity Precision: ≤ 0.1%

Jacket Type: Isoperibol

Accuracy: Test results within range of standard sample

Heat Capacity Stability: ≤0.2% within three months

Network/Balance Connection: Available (by interface RS232)

Power Requirement: 220V(-15% ~10%), 50/60 Hz


a. Optimized design, test time <8 min

① Built-in constant temperature water tank, bucket determines water volume directly

② Stainless steel oxygen bomb for calorimeter, unique stirring method by solenoid pump.

③ High automation: identify oxygen bomb, determination of bucket water volume and control of water temperature and test can be finished automatically.

b. Good environment adaptability, precise, accurate and reliable test result

① Helix tube muti-point isothermal technology, create a controllable and stable internal environment for calorimeter, test result is reliable.

② Independent jacket and bucket water system.

③ Supports oxygen bomb air tightness examination.

④ Equipped with high quality water purification device, the water quality of each test is guaranteed.

⑤ Build-in power inverter, will not be affected by fluctuation of voltage and


c. Authentic and reliable data

① Result of first test is reliable and valid,calorimetercontinuous working time can be 72 hours.

② No software modification to test result, all data is true and objective.

d. Reasonable calorimeter structure, reliable operation, safe and environment friendly

① No complicated oxygen bomb elevating mechanism. No mechanical failure, stable operation.

② Unique bucket connection between bomb head and bomb body, easy to remove bomb head.

③ No compressor inside of calorimeter, noise lower.

④ With self-diagnostic function, malfunction can be detected accurately, easy to maintain.

e. Intelligent control, easy operation

② With Ethernet bus communication, several calorimeters can be controlled by one PC;

② Strong data processing capability, statistics report and printing function; capable of connecting with network and balance.

Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter by Sundy Science and Technology

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