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In the past binary switches usually provided simple switching signals or analogue values. Today the data from intelligent sensors is the basis for the next industrial revolution. Sensors that extract all the information from your machines and equipment using the key technology IO-Link.

IO-Link has been developed by leading sensor, actuator and control manufacturers. The result is a standardised and field-bus independent interface for automation. This provides the user with point-to-point connections without complex addressing.

Use the amazing IO-Link and contact us so that you stay productive and competitive with your production processes of tomorrow.

IO-Link systems from ifm
IO-Link systems from ifm

IO-Link is a manufacturer-independent point-to-point communication system used to connect sensors and actuators to an automation system. An IO-Link system consists of an IO-Link master and several IO-Link devices. The IO-Link master represents the interface to the controller or fieldbus level and communicates with the connected IO-Link devices. IO-Link is capable of processing switching signals of binary sensors, process values of analogue sensors and their parameters in a purely digital form based on a 24 V signal. This eliminates measuring value errors associated with the transmission and conversion of analogue signals. IO-Link can be used to transfer several process values or parameters of a device simultaneously via one unscreened standard cable. IO-Link is an internationally standardised fieldbus and controller independent interface.

3D Sensor O3D

More effectiveness in industrial automation. With the innovative O3D sensors, ifm has developed a new generation of 3D Sensors increasing the effectiveness in industrial automation. Three-dimensional detection and evaluation. Scenes and objects at a glance: * Non-contact dimensioning of rectangular objects such as cardboard packages or parcels * Determination and comparison of dimensions, orientation and position * Provides height, width and length to calculate strap length and volume * Quality parameters help detect damaged or deformed objects The revolution in intralogistics. Incomplete shipments, never again!

IO-Link group

IO-Link products from ifm include masters, sensors, USB interfaces and software