LUMIMAX®: Sample case for LED lighting

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These sample cases allow testing different LED lights to determine which one suits the customer''s application.

The combination of the LED lights for the sample case is based on practical experience. The three versions each contain a ring light CRC70, a dark field light DFL100, a dome light CD100, a coaxial light ES60 as well as an area light SQ80 and a LED Spot 5W. Furthermore the sample case includes suitable equipment like an illumination controller for continuous / pulse operation and/ or for flash operation. The appropriate Diffusing plates and Fresnel lenses for the ring and the area light are inclusive. Additionally a transmitted light plate for the LED area lighting is enclosed.

The sample cases for continuous/ pulse operation and for flash operation are equipped with LED lighting in the light colors red and white, because these colors are most commonly used in practice. The third version offers the possibility to choose between the light colors red, white, blue, green, infra-red and ultraviolet.

The sample cases for LED lighting are available at special prices with 50 % discount off the regular price.

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LUMIMAX®: Sample case for LED lighting

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