High Power LED lights by LUMIMAX®

iiM AG
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The High-Power product line provides numerous fields of application by easily switching the LED ancillary lenses (lenses with beam angles from 10° to 50° available; without lenses: beam angle of 80°). The innovative lights are used for homogeneous illumination of large objects, code-reading portals, scanning portals or scanner tunnels and darkfield and brightfield applications. Moreover the lights are suitable for matrix cameras and partially for line scan cameras. The IP76 housing with its passive cool system enables operating in rough environmental conditions.

The High Power lights are available as a continuous or flash light in the colours red, infrared, white, blue and green.

All of the lightings have a brightness control with an integrated potentiometer or an analogue connector as well as a TTL- and SPS strobe connection. Flash times are continuously adjustable between 10 and 220µs (the maximum flash frequency is 100 Hz).

High Power LED lights by LUMIMAX®

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