The new cable measuring device VCPX5

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In addition to the very high measurement resolution of up to 2 µm, the VCPX5 is also characterised by its easy operation and quick measurement procedure. Furthermore, approximately only 15 min are required to train an operator to independently measure. The optimally preset optical focus and illumination reduce the operator influence and therefore simplify the operation. This measuring device was especially designed for use in laboratories and in production as a quick-test station. Measurements are all according to the standards IEC EN 60811-201; 202; 203 [previous version = IEC 60811-1-1]. To display the precision and the repeatability of the measurement results, the devices are approved with a measurement capability test to ensure optimal certainty during measurement.

The suitable measuring software FMC-3 is included in the complete VCPX5 package. This measurement software enables various operator level settings (production, laboratory, administrator, service etc.). The CAQ system ProCable 3 can individually be added if required. Furthermore a connection to various external CAQ software (ADVARIS; CIQ – AESA; QDA-ASIDATAMYTE; QUASAR etc.) is possible. Due to the excellent precision, easy operation and the reasonable price, cable manufacturers are able to reduce costs immediately. With continuously rising material prices and higher quality requirements, the investment in the innovative measuring device VCPX5 pays itself off within a very short time and simultaneously improves the quality of your cable products.

The new cable measuring device VCPX5

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