New LED High Power UV-series makes the invisible visible

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Ultraviolet lights are always important, when it comes to fluorescent paints, seals or adhesives. Under normal illumination conditions, these materials are usually invisible to the human eye. However, these materials show a strong luminosity under the influence of UV-light. Among others, UV lights are also used for quality inspections of various security features. E.g. Protective and sealing lacquers mark safety-related components, protect circuit boards or for verifying the seal of authenticity. A further important field of application is inspecting cast parts for cracks. Here the test objects are sprayed with a fluorescent solution or dipped into the solution and are then cleaned. Cracks or holes absorb the fluid and therefore can easily be detected as well as analysed under the UV light.

There are many fields of application for fluorescent substances. They are used in many industries such as the packaging industry, automotive supplies, electronics manufacturing, steel processing and even for inspecting the authenticity of bank notes.

The brand LUMIMAX® with its wide product portfolio offers suitable light models for your specific application area. Besides the LED spots 3W and 5W, also the LED area flood light LQ100, the ring flood light LR70 as well as both bar lights LB125 and LB250 are available as UV365 and UV 400 version. All UV lights are available with either a continuous or flash operation mode. Furthermore, the High Power Spot light 5W has an adjustable lens, which enables an optimal illumination adaption. Therefore the light can be adapted to the application and either a concentrated spot or a homogeneous area can be illuminated. The remaining UV lights can be equipped with various ancillary lenses with different beam angles.

New LED High Power UV-series makes the invisible visible

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