New LUMIMAX® Mounting Accessories and Product Updates 2018

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New mounting solution for In-Sight 7000 series Cognex® cameras, new LVA-DM36x verification adapter and 750μs flash for L-Series and FLC1 and FLC2 lighting controllers

With the new mounting solution from iiM AG, Cognex®cameras of the latest In-Sight 7000 series can be integrated easily, safely and industry-compatibly into a wide variety of applications in conjunction with the LUMIMAX® Lighting portfolio. Spot, Area, Ring and Bar Lights can be connected to the adapter plate and the camera system with suitable mounting elements.

As a further mounting solution for Cognex® systems, iiM AG introduces the LUMIMAX® verification adapter LVA-DM36x. This adapter connects the Dataman barcode reader of the 360 series to the dome, coaxial and bar lights of the LUMIMAX® brand. This is a flexible solution for standardised reading, verification or grading of DMC codes.

The LED Flash Lighting of the L series and the external FLC1 and FLC2 flash controllers are now also available with a flash duration of 750 μs. This means that up to 10 images can be recorded per second and is predestined for highly light-absorbing objects and for tests from a long distance.

New LUMIMAX® Mounting Accessories and Product Updates 2018

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