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more safety through fully automatic and reliable passport control

The iiM AG has worked with Siemens AG and passport machine maker BW Papersystems Stuttgart GmbH to develop a solution for the inspection of security features and markings as protection against plagiarism and counterfeiting application. Passport manufacturing increasingly challenging by useing of fluorescent materials. To ensure that these invisible security features can be reliably detected and inspected during high-speed production runs use of a sophisticated testing system with high-performance LED lighting and optical readers.

After testing in labs at iiM and on-site at Siemens, the scanning distance and trigger signal/flash duration timing were coordinated to ensure that the excitation of the fluorescent fibres in the paper did not prevent the scanning of the passport numbers. Despite a conveyor belt speed of 0.3 m/s during production, the enormously powerful flash lighting is easily able to create a high-contrast image without any motion blur.

lightning fast controlled

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