Simple QA in cable production

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The VCPEasy software combines simplicity and individuality

With its very simple user interface and many possible individual uses, the operating software VCPEasy from VisioCablePro® is a winner. It offers cable manufacturers an optimum solution for ensuring cable quality and saving on valuable raw materials. The primary goal of the cable measuring device VCPX5 and the measuring software that goes with it is standard-compliant measurement of the geometries of insulating jackets and cable sheathing in just a few straightforward steps.

In addition, the new version of VCPEasy includes the ability to measure customer-specific special geometries. The software also calculates other important characteristics, such as the volume and overconsumption of the material used. VCPEasy is suitable for use as a central program for the collection of a wide range of test data in the area of cable measurement technology, pooling all relevant information in a single document. Different operating modes are available depending on customer requirements.

Simple QA in cable production

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