New LUMIMAX® High power LED Area Lights

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LG2020 and LGCB2020 with LightGuide technology

The LG2020/FL and LGCB2020/FL series can be deployed where conditions offer very little space for installation. With the innovative LightGuide technology, the light from these high-performance LEDs is outcoupled over the entire illuminated area. The LG2020/FL series can be used for backlight applications or collimation. Even transparent or semi-transparent objects like scratches, inclusions and engravings can be inspected. Reflected light applications are possible with the LGCB2020/FL, which features a 35 mm camera hole to enable direct illumination of objects from the direction of the camera. A controller is also built directly into the housing (set at maximum performance and safety). The lighting series can be configured either with permanent and switching mode or with flash operation. The TTL and PLC inputs provided offer zero-delay triggering and flash operation of the lighting parallel to image acquisition.

New  LUMIMAX®  High  power  LED  Area  Lights

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