The new LUMIMAX® online product configurator

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customized configuration of suitable Machine Vision lighting components

With the new LUMIMAX® product configurator for Machine Vision LED lighting, iiM AG offers the option of individually configuring and comparing lighting components online. The lighting system can be configured in four steps:

1. define the type of illumination: area, bar, ring, spot, dome, coaxial and dark field lighting.

2. selection from the available technologies of the lighting types.

3. individually configure the product based on the type: light color, light guide, operation mode and flash time.

4. All available products are displayed when the “Load results” button is pressed. The results list offer a first opportunity to compare the lighting systems to each other based on the description of the item. The fitting product can also be added to a watch list or the product detail page can be opened directly. All available product information are provided there (specific product datasheet, the technical drawing, the 3D step model, the price and a selection of accessories).

The new LUMIMAX® online product configurator

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