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German Design Award 2020 for IKA

/// IKA ergonomic pipettes are awarded

Staufen, 03 December 2019 - The new pipettes, IKA PETTE fix and vario, with a total of 18 different models, received the German Design Award for outstanding design quality. The Council for Design honors the laboratory classic in the category “Excellent Product Design - Industry”. The ingenious ergonomic design not only looks good, but also stands the test, particularly with frequent pipetting in the laboratory.

PETTE from IKA was presented for the first time at the Achema 2018 exhibition and has been impressing its users ever since. In a single unit, the pipette combines everything the laboratory staff needs for reliable dosing in frequent use. Three exchangeable ergonomic grips are provided for the PETTE, since every hand is different. They ensure that the extremely light PETTE always rests comfortably in the hand, even during frequent use. The particular characteristics of the design include the large mechanical volume display. It is easy to read, even whilst pipetting. The IKA PETTE has now been honored for its outstanding design quality in the category “Excellent Product Design - Industry”, resulting from its lack of compromise in the design, which is oriented to the needs of the user.

Apart from the design, PETTE can, of course, do everything that is required for the most varied of laboratory pipetting tasks in the laboratory: It is fully autoclavable and can be easily sterilized. This guarantees fault-free, precise and safe pipetting. In addition, all models are designed to be impact-resistant, UV resistant and resistant to chemicals. Calibration and maintenance is user-friendly and can be carried out in-house, but can also be carried out by the IKA Service department.

IKA is very pleased with the recognition, along with all developers and designers involved. The German Design Award is an international premium prize which has been awarded since the year 2011. The prize will be awarded on 7 February 2020 in the presence of around 1,300 guests from politics, business, design and the press. This will be one of the most significant design events of the year, with the aim of discovering, presenting and awarding unique design trends.


  • 79219 Staufen, Germany
  • Victoria Grossmann