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Quick & easy changeover in injection molding machine!

Panasonic Eco Solutions Electrical Construction Materials Mie Co., Ltd. manufactures intercom and fire alarm for home and they use IMAO's Quarter Turn Clamps on the injection molding line for the resin products.

They cut the resin burr on the back of the post-molded products by a nipper. Setups for changing the nipper and its position come out every mold change because the position of the burr is different product by product.

In the previous line, they used the general-purpose nipper units for all products and it took more than 15 minutes to loosen screws, change nippers and adjust positions.

They needed to change the mold more than 50 times per month for some machines. They decided to use dedicated nipper units for each product and clamp the units with Quarter Turn Clamps to reduce machine downtime and set-up time.

As a result, the changeover of units takes only 1 minute with One-touch fasteners, Quarter Turn Clamps.

Furthermore, the visible clamping and unclamping states by the position of the knob increased safety on their plant.

They will continue to improve the production system by shortening the time for operation and changeover.

Nipper Unit
Nipper Unit

IMAO's Quarter Turn Clamps on Injection Molding Line

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