Case Study of One-Touch Fasteners

Tetsuya Iwasaki
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Complicated changeover in assembling machines became simple!

Iwata Mfg, Co., Ltd. manufactures machine components such as set collars and sensor brackets and they use IMAO's Ball-Lock Clamps and Button-Locking Pins to replace fixtures of automated production machines to assemble screws to the machinery parts body (hereinafter called "workpiece").

Previously, this work was done by a person but because of the high labor costs and the worker's mental burden for continuing simple tasks, they designed their own automated machine for purpose of reducing costs and mechanization of the simple work. This application requires "changeovers" which replace various fixtures depending on the workpiece around 10 times a day since this machine produces many products with different shapes and sizes, so they decided to use IMAO's One-Touch Fasteners to reduce the workloads.

In the process of setting the workpiece that was placed in a free direction to the right position, they clamp the workpiece from either side using an air cylinder with the plastic pad and adjust it by rotating. They use Ball-lock Clamps to fix the pad to replace 11 types of plastic pads depending on the form and size of the workpiece.

In another process of assembling screws to the workpiece, depending on the screw size, there are 5 kinds of holders for carrying screws and guides for preventing screws from dropping, and they can be quickly replaced by using the Button-Locking Pins. These fasteners only require inserting the pin or pushing the button, so the changeover can be completed easily and in a short time.

The easy changeover process also reduces the machine operator's workload, as there are many parts that need to be replaced in a single changeover. They will keep continuing the development of automated machines that allow quick and easy changeovers to reduce the costs and the workloads.

Case Study of One-Touch Fasteners

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