Case Study of Button-Locking Pin

Imao Corporation
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Button-Locking Pin assisted easy operation on laboratory device!

BioChromato designs and manufactures analyzers and evaporators for the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research. They use two types of IMAO's One Touch Fasteners on the evaporator which extracts particular solvent from the sample liquid.

Multiple vials with liquid are set in the holder to evaporate, and the vial holder is removed from the evaporator after evaporation, but the vial holder reaches high temperatures up to 100°C. That's why they use Button-Locking Pins for a detachable knob. Finger-operative shape and ball lock mechanism enable quick and secure changeover operation of the vial holder.

In addition, they use IMAO's Quarter Turn Fasteners to fix the plug holder that plugs into whole vials at once. Just a quarter turn of the knob enables locking/unlocking the plug holder and allows easy changeover.

The vial holders should be replaced after each experiment and the plug holders should be replaced every time the size of the vial changes, so customers of BioChromato are satisfied with one-touch changeover.

Case Study of Button-Locking Pin

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