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Case study of Quarter-Turn Clamps

Quarter Turn Fastener provided quick and reliable fixture changing!

TGK develops control devices for automobiles worldwide and they use IMAO's Quarter Turn Fasteners on assembly fixtures for motor actuators.

In the process of assembling the bracket to the actuator, they use four types of dedicated fixtures. The operator needs to change the fixtures every time the actuator to be assembled changes. They used to clamp the fixtures with wing screws, but it was not only troublesome to turn the screws many times, but also time-consuming to find the removed screws when they were lost.

This led them to search for a better way to clamp the fixtures as the operators requested for improvement, and they decided to use IMAO's Quarter Turn Fasteners. One touch operation of Quarter Turn Fasteners provides quick and easy fixture changing and ON/OFF marking improves the reliability of the operation, so the operators are satisfied with IMAO's quick fasteners.

TGK plans to use IMAO's One Touch Fasteners in their new assembly lines in order to shorten the setup time and simplify the changeover.


  • 2002 Senbiki, Seki, Gifu 501-3954, Japan
  • Imao Corporation