Spring Clamps - No Over/Under Tightening, Error-free Clamping

Imao Corporation
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Quick Spring Clamps without Over/Under Tightening

Imao Spring Clamps are mechanical tool-less clamps with constant clamping force by spring pressure.

The handle clicks at its clamping end, leading to error-free secure clamping.

The clamping force generated by a spring is always constant, preventing over/under tightening and workpiece damage.

The compact design allows integration to a limited space where toggle clamps cannot be used.

Spring Clamps - No Over/Under Tightening, Error-free Clamping
Quick Clamping With No Tool

Quick and easy clamping with handle Durable over 100,000 cycles!

Click Indicates Clamping End

Error-free secure clamping without under tightening

Constant Clamping Force

Spring-loaded design generates constant clamping force. Prevents workpiece damages due to over tightening. Ideal for delicate workpieces such as plastic panels.

Compact Design

Ideal for applications with height limitations.

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